Praise for S'Cool

Praise and testimonials of S'Cool Misson in-school demonstration and workshop.

Today was a beautiful day in NC and the grade six students were about to go outside for PE. One kid asked Lisa, "can't we play badminton”. When she asked the group if they would rather stay in and play badminton, literally ALL the hands waved madly. Thank you to our visiting 'Badminton Missionaries'.  

Paul Knechtel and Lisa Ward, North Carolina


Charmaine and Nicole visited our school this week for a amazing presentation.  It was absolutely fantastic.  They were so inspiring to my students.  They have been talking about their shots, their life story and the overall message ever since.  They were completely enthralled with them.

Sarah Thomas, Elementary Teacher, Peace Bridge Public School

Jon and I really appreciate both of you coming to GFS last month and putting on 4 wonderful exhibitions for our students.  The kids really enjoyed watching you play; they've never seen the "real competitive badminton game," in action, and you showed them the real thing.  You are both exceptional athletes and are outstanding role models for our young girls.  Please let us know if you get to Westport again.  We'd love to see you and please let us know how you are doing.  Take care and keep in touch.  Thanks again and good luck to both of you in your competitive endeavors!

Liza Paglialunga, Green's Farms School, Connecticut

The way you and Charmaine interacted with the students was perfect, we really appreciated the quality of your work and the enthusiasm which you brought to the demonstrations. We would be delighted to have you back in the future. I have your contact information so I will be in touch next year.

Steve, Zurich International School

The feedback I received from students and staff was very positive. The presentation was both interesting and inspiring. You were clearly well prepared and you pitched the material at the correct level for the student audience. The demonstrations were impressive and the games involving teachers and students were a lot of fun to watch. We would not hesitate to invite you back to our school and speak again to our students.

Scot, Head of Physical Education – Senior School, International School Basel Switzerland

Boston 2015 S'COOL MISSION

Thank you once again for an enjoyable presentation in the gym. The students (and teachers) truly enjoyed the demonstration. My ELKP (Kindergarten) class created "Thank You" and "Good Luck" cards as you both prepare to compete in the Games this summer. Thank you once again and good luck to the both of you.

ELKP Class of Students., Frank Novelli (Father Hennepin School) , Niagara Falls, Ontario