About Nicole Grether


Nicole Grether started playing badminton when she was 8 years old. Her PE teacher noticed her talents and asked her to join the team. 10 years later Nicole moved to the National training centre where practise and perseverance made her a top international badminton player.

Nicole competed 2 times at the Olympic Games, the first time at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia and 2004 in Athens Greece. She reached the round of 16’s both times.

Nicole is the German recorder holder of 106 team matches and has won 26 National titles

She won the silver medal at the European Championship.

Nicole was a team member for Uber Cup (Women’s World Championship Team Event) which earned a silver medal

Nicole best world ranking was #5 in women’s doubles and #20 in women’s singles

Nicole attained a top 8 standing at the World Masters Super Series Finals in singles and doubles with Charmaine Reid

Highest German and World Ranking

German Ranking:  #1 in women’s singles     World Ranking:  #20 in women’s singles

                  #1 in women’s doubles                            #5 in women’s doubles

Career Highlights

  •         2x Olympic Games, 9/16 Women’s Singles,  9/16 Women’s Doubles
  •         European Silver Medallist
  •         2x World Masters Super Series Finals top 8
  •         German Record Holder 106 Team Matches
  •         Competed 7x at the World Championships
  •         World Women’s Uber Cup Team Member Bronze Medallist
  •         2x World Masters Super Series Finals top 8
  •         26x National Titles
  •         Competed in over 40 countries
  •         Medalled in over 75 International Tournaments
  •         Honoured at The Annual Salute to Women in Sport Gala,

Women’s Sports Foundation New York City